A fun and interesting piece of art to inspire the writers out there.

Allison D. Reid

Though I’ve always loved writing, I also used to be an artist–even had dreams of being one professionally. In High School I spent my lunch hours in the art room, paint brush in one hand, food in the other. All very healthy, I’m sure. When it was time to go to college, I was admitted as an art major. Only I found that over time I was more interested in my pet writing projects than I was in my artwork.

One day in my printmaking class (I loved lithography) we had to display half a semester’s worth of artwork on the wall and submit to a whole class critique. Someone pointed out that all of my artwork had a strong mood to it, as if there was already a story behind it, and everyone agreed. They were right. Even my artwork really wanted to be a piece of writing. It…

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