Quickfic Anthology 1


Digital Fiction Publishing Corp. is pleased to present 44 speculative fiction shorter-short stories in horror, fantasy, and science fiction from 37 top authors. Great stories that grab you in 3499 words or less. A delicious box of literary chocolate for your reading enjoyment, brought to you by: DigitalFictionPub.com

  • Series: Quickfic from DigitalFictionPub.com
  • Paperback: 278 pages
  • Publisher: Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.; 1.01 edition (April 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1927598303
  • ISBN-13: 978-1927598306

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Table of Contents

“Scarecrow” – Liam Hogan

“Sparg” – Brian Trent

“The Lovely Amaryllis” by Brian Justus

“Oogie Tucker’s Mission” – Gary Cuba

“Bunny Rabbit” – E.J. Shumak

“Refusing the Call” – Elliotte Rusty Harold

“The Unobliging Princess” – David Wiley

“The Hourglass Brigade” – Alex Shvartsman

“Friends” – Stephen Sottong

“The Zombie Limbo Master” – Rosemary Claire Smith

“The Troll Under the Fridge” – Martin L. Shoemaker

“Great White Ship” – Lou Antonelli

“Countdown” – Christine Clukey Reece

“Calypso Solo” – J.S. Rogers

“Pop-ups” – Robert Dawson

“Habemus Papam” – Desmond Warzel

“Cease and Desist” Jay Werkheiser

“Tears on Vega” – Erik B. Scott

“Habeas Corpus” – Julia Watson

“Turning Back the Clock” – David Steffen

“Cold Comfort” – Evan Dicken

“Gateway Blood” – Ezekiel James Boston

“Landscape” – Erica Ruppert

“The Existence of Posters” – J.J. Steinfeld

“Playing with Fire” – Suzie Lockhart

“Nestor’s Last Valentine’s Day” – J.J. Steinfeld

“Diversion Program” – Robert Dawson

“Otherwhere” R.L. Robinson

“Mysterious Ways” – David Steffen

“The Thing About Analyn” – David Steffen

“Paulie’s/Harvey’s Mom” – Diane Arrelle

“Kingdom” – Liam Hogan

“Helpers” – David Steffen

“Where Sea and Sky Kiss” – Dan Campbell

“Touring Test” – Holly Schofield

“The Rocketeer” – Rebecca Hodgkins

“Harvest of Night Seeds” – Rose Blackthorn

“Night Walk” – Aeryn Rudel

“Poultry” – Kevin Ikenberry

“Paper Craft” – Leigh Saunders

“Jimmy Smith Has a Dinosaur” – Gregg Chamberlain

“What We Do for Love” – Rose Blackthorn

“The Governess” – S. Kay Nash

“Dead Guy Walking” – Brian K. Lowe


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