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When it came time to look at my posting schedule for the blog, there was something that stood out: I loved writing my Saturday posts and would usually get them ready early, but found myself not looking forward to Thursdays. While I am a writer in my craft, I found myself loathing writing the posts with advice about writing, especially since there are other talented writers out there who do it better than I could. So it was time to rethink the schedule. Here is what you can look forward to each week moving forward:

Mondays will be Medievalist Mondays and each week will have a different theme, as listed below. One week will have a post about either J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis, the two most famous of the Inklings and two of my favorite authors who both happened to be rather fond of Medieval works. One week will cover a piece of Medieval England literature or society, and one week will cover Medieval Iceland. The other will feature a guest: Allison of Weaving Word, who has been writing a Medieval Monday feature for quite some time. On those weeks, look for my own post on her blog!

Wednesdays will be taking the place of Thursdays, which is where you will get to see the featured indie author of the month, guest posts, and a Top Ten list of some sort each month. It’ll be a day full of good stuff each week, and I am excited about the new mid-week posts.

Saturday posts will be moving to every other week, and will be heavily Christian in influence and theme. One post will contain a poem of my own writing, while the other will contain a short devotional entry. Of all my changes, I think this one is the one I will enjoy the most and it has been something I’ve been wanting to shift more towards for a while. Perhaps if I get ahead on poems and devotions, it could someday go to every Saturday. But for now, it will be every other, starting this Saturday.

Book reviews will be posted on an as-needed basis. When I finish a book you should know about, it will get a review!

So here is what the schedule will look like going forward:

First Week:

Medievalist Monday: Tolkien/Lewis Post (Alternating monthly)

Wednesday: Indie Author of the Month Interview

Second Week:

Medievalist Monday: English Medieval Lit Post

Wednesday: Guest Post

Scripture Saturday: Monthly Poem

Third Week:

Medievalist Monday: Guest Post from Allison/My own guest post on her blog

Wednesday: Top Ten List

Fourth Week:

Medievalist Monday: Icelandic Medieval Lit Post

Wednesday: Guest Post

Scripture Saturday: Monthly Devotional