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Title: Urban Mythology

Author: Eric Keizer

Published by: OWS Ink, LLC (April 7, 2017)

Page Count: 72 Pages (Paperback)

Blurb: Eric Keizer, in his first poetry chapbook, documents the places in, and the people of, Chicago who have made lasting impressions in his life. He celebrates the commonalities all Chicagoans share, while typing the Classics to modern life in the urban landscape, as viewed through his unique perspective.

My Take: I have never been to Chicago, although it is a city within reasonable proximity from where I live. I am certain that those who have been to Chicago will gain deeper appreciation for the nuances of Keizer’s poetry, and moreso those who live there. Yet even if you have never been to Chicago, you can get a real sense of the urban life there by reading this collection of poetry.

I have never been a big reader of modern poetry. I prefer to dive into Medieval and Renaissance poetry. Keizer’s poetry is both modern and classical, a perfect pairing of today’s world with elements of myth and legend that the older poets built their foundation upon. Keizer is the most pre-modern modern poet I have ever read, and that makes me excited to dive into more of his poetry. It is the sort of poetry that most readers can enjoy, with allusions to today’s world and elements woven in with subtle hints of myths. Thus why the name, Urban Mythology, is perfectly appropriate for such a collection.

There is little risk to be run in reading this collection. The chapbook of poems is the perfect length to whet your appetite and familiarize you with Keizer’s poetic style. I look forward to the next chapbook that Keizer releases, and would invite you to give this one a try. You may find, like me, that Keizer is a modern poet worth keeping an eye on.