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Title: Good Good Father for Little Ones

Authors: Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett

Published by: Thomas Nelson, brdbk edition (1/31/17)

24 Pages

Blurb: Inspired by the #1 hit song “Good Good Father,” as heard on Chris Tomlin’s new album

“Oh, I’ve heard a thousand stories of what they think you’re like . . . but I’ve heard the tender whisper of love in the dead of night . . . and you tell me that you’re pleased . . . and that I’m never alone. You’re a good good Father.”

Experience the truth of God’s love for His children in refreshing, heartwarming ways through the children’s board book Good Good Father for Little Ones, illustrated with stunning art by Lorna Hussey and penned by Grammy Award-winning Christian music artist Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett.

With sweet, rhyming text, Good Good Father for Little Ones explores many of the attributes that make God such a good, good Father: like a warrior, He protects you; like a teacher, He helps you learn and grow; like a doctor, He makes you feel better; like a farmer, He provides the food you need; like a musician, He brings you joy. Most of all, a good, good Father loves you!

Based on the children’s picture book Good Good Father, this precious rhyming adaptation will leave little ones with a greater assurance that God truly is a good, good Father and they are loved by Him.

My Thoughts: This book has quickly become one of my favorites to read at night with my son. It has everything I look for in a book to read with him at night: a solid Biblical message, colorful and engaging pictures, more than a word or two on each page. The book has also, as a side effect, also led me to play the song more often at home simply because it reminds me of the book.

The overarching theme in this book covers all of the qualities of God, the Good Good Father. It never comes out and names God as that Good Good Father, which allows a teaching moment as your children get older. This version is wonderful, covering more than six different things that God is, such as a doctor and a teacher. The depiction of Him as a lion is fitting and appropriate, both for those who search the Scriptures and for those who are fans of Narnia.

Its length is definitely appropriate for my little one, who is currently 8-months. He is engaged throughout and loves to help turn the pages. There are some board books that carry on just a little too long for his attention span at night, but this is one we can always finish before he gets too impatient. Therefore I cannot recommend this book enough for little ones, and I have a feeling this one will remain a staple in our children’s book collection through all of our future little ones.