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Title: A Minute of Vision for Men: 365 Motivational Moments to Kick-Start Your Day

Author: Roger Patterson

Published by: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (December 6, 2016)

Blurb: Do you have a vision for your life?

All of us need a compelling vision to live for. Scripture says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Today, so many of us are living on autopilot instead of engaging the battle of living up to our God-given potential. We lack a vision for life. Too often, we settle for less than what is best for us, our families, and our careers. We struggle with pinpointing our purpose in life.

A Minute of Vision for Men is an investment in a different sort of life―one with vision, purpose, and integrity. This book will help you connect with your purpose. It’s written so that you can start your day on the right foot, focused on what matters the most.

Start each day with a potent, daily dose of vision for your life.

My Thoughts: Devotionals tend to be a genre that are hit and miss, with some days being great and others falling a little flat. It is hard to write something that speaks perfectly to everyone, and my guess is the sports-heavy references that have appeared in many of the daily devotions in this book will fall flat for some men and be hits for others. Since the majority are football-related, this one can be categorized as a hit for me. Not only that, its promise in the title of being a minute is pretty close to accurate. There are only 3-4 paragraphs to read for each devotion, and each one weaves some passage of scripture into the message (and is also repeated at the bottom of the page for easy reference).

I love the variety of messages, and as we approach Valentine’s Day, how the devotions leading up to that day center around topics that are important and relevant to that holiday. For instance, there was one on February 12th that talked about the importance of “dating your daughter” early and often so that she can learn from her father how to expect to be treated by boys who want to win her attention and affection. I look forward to reading the devotion for Valentine’s Day itself, as it is certain to pertain toward my beloved wife and my relationship with her.

Overall this is exactly the sort of devotional I both needed and enjoy going through. I have moved it to a centralized location in the house for easy access, so that I have no excuses to not dedicate that minute toward expanding my vision toward the things that matter most. It has already blessed me so much in 2017 and I look forward to those blessings continuing as I journey through this book for the rest of the year. I highly recommend this book to men, so long as you don’t mind a fair number of sports references along the way that help illustrate the message.