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One of the most challenging things for a writer is to tell a story in a limited number of words. The fewer words you have to tell it in, the more difficult the task. That is why the weekly writing prompts by Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog are so interesting, because it challenges a writer to write something in only 100 words.

To do this in a poem isn’t as difficult. I had a rather successful attempt at that months ago when I wrote Revolution. Some participants choose to take the prompt and write a 100 word installment in a current on-going story. But to take the 100 word limit and generate a stand-alone story can be quite the task.

When I saw this week’s prompt was “Faded”, I was immediately drawn toward it in the same was that I was initially drawn to “Revolution”. My mind started to turn over ideas that could fit within that idea. So here is my second attempt at Lance’s 100 Word Song:


He ran his hand along the faded fabric, longing for the good old days to return. Each tear was a permanent battle scar, a reminder of what he sacrificed. There would be no more scars.

He hung up his battered costume, wondering when the world stopped needing heroes like him. In his youth they had praised him for keeping their city safe. Evil still flourished so why had superheroes become a thing of the past?

He walked out the door and into the streets, unrecognized by all. Just another face among the crowd, his name and deeds a faded memory.

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