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My first fantasy novella, A Merchant in Oria, has been out for just over three weeks now, and the reviews are beginning to trickle in. I could tell you all about why you should read this novella, but it sounds like even more fun to let these first reviews deliver some reasons to pick up your copy today:

“From the opening line straight to the end, there is enough adventure and fast paced action to keep the reader enthralled. There is no chance for your mind to escape this story. You’ll find yourself deep in the clutches of Firion, Melody, and the rest of the cast.”

“Wiley runs at a fast pace from good sell to kingdom won, at the perfect speed for an easy read on the beach, during a plane ride, or just a lazy afternoon spent in another world. This is one story I’ll read over and over again.”

“The plot was engaging, following the lines one expects of classic fantasy. If you are looking for fantasy that is light (as opposed to dark) and at times humorous in tone (along the lines of, say, Jeffrey M. Poole’s Lost City), then you’ll probably enjoy this story. The nod to bearded dwarf women made me smile!”

“Initially I felt rather annoyed with the main character (whose naiveté seemed to border on willful self-delusion) only to realize later that his attitude is probably also the primary reason he turns out to be the ideal hero for Oria. “

“Like most of us readers, lowly Firion doubts he has it in him to overcome his fear and be strong enough to save Melody and perhaps the rest of Oria. Is that what a hero does? “No, a true hero steps up and does the right thing because he sees a problem needing to be solved,” his mentor Tyron tells him. We can guess that Firion plays the part of hero, but how he goes about it is worth the read. David Wiley believes in his characters and makes fantastical figures come to life.”

“A Merchant in Oria is a novella set in a fantasy world populated by humans, dwarves, and lizard-men. It has the feel of a familiar, traditional fantasy setting, as found in Tolkien’s work. However, this story is more humorous and light-hearted. “

“I enjoyed reading this book. It is a short read; I read it over lunch. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy stories looking for a quick read. “

“This was a cute little novella. In such a short amount of time, the author manages to convey enough information that the world doesn’t feel flat. To be perfectly honest, the way it was set up made it read like a side quest in Skyrim. That helped with envisioning the setting. There was some interesting character development to be had. Some of it ended up entangled in the romantic subplot, but that honestly made it better.”

“A quick and easy fantasy read. It was cute, funny, and tied things up at the end. Characters and story were both engaging. It was a well-written, fairly original storyline.”

So don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads Bookshelf!

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