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Today is the big day. The novella is officially out! You can snag an electronic copy through several venues, which I’ve shared on my Author page and will share again soon.

From 8 am-10 pm (central time) today and tomorrow an event will be running on Facebook where tons of authors are helping to celebrate the release by giving away free books, hosting little games, and sharing a little about themselves.

So hop in as you are able to and maybe you’ll find an author or two that you might enjoy reading. Join in on some games for chances to win prizes.





If you want to order a copy of A Merchant in Oria, here are some links.

Please note: The paperback version has been delayed a little in order to ensure it is the best quality product. It may be another week before that is able to be purchased. When it does go live, there will be a post on this blog to reshare the links so you can order a paperback version if you prefer to have a copy.