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Title: Bright Needles

Author: Anais Chartschenko

Published by: Self-Published on March 19, 2014

Pages: 58

Blurb: Bright Needles is uncompromising poetry. Myth is mixed in equal measure with gritty realism.

My Take: Uncompromising is right. The poetry in much of this collection is raw, unyielding, and is enough to break even the hardest of hearts for the young girl who experienced so much pain and hurt to the point where numbness set in.

My own expertise in poetry is not among modern poets, but this small collection is packed with what I found to be quality poetry. It evoked emotion, whether pain or rage or straight numbness. Raw talent drips through verse after verse, line after line. The reader also hopes, after reading this somber collection, that pouring these words out helped to provide a sense of healing and closure to the situations described.

It is clear, by the end, that Ms. Chartschenko is a poet to watch and her newest release, The Weightless One, should prove to be an excellent and unique read because it is a novel told in verse. Her talent in verse is apparent in this collection, and I fully expect the same talent shining through in that versified novel.