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The cover reveal is still to come, but in the meantime the wonderful people over at Our Write Side have started up a Headtalker and a Thunderclap campaign to help spread the word about this upcoming release.

Don’t know what those are? They are very simple. You sign up to allow Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/LinkedIn permission to make a one-time post on the day of the book’s release. It will auto-generate a message for you, which you are able to customize as you desire.

It takes minutes to contribute to the campaign and makes it so you don’t have to try and remember to post about it on the actual release date. We need 100 people for the Thunderclap to be a success, so please consider taking a moment to sign up and help spread the word.

Thunderclap: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/55573-a-merchant-in-oria-debut

Headtalker: https://headtalker.com/campaigns/a-merchant-in-oria-release/

And as a bonus treat, here is the blurb for this upcoming release:


Firion is a young merchant descended from generations of merchants. His first big break comes along when he sets out to trade with the wealthy dwarven kingdom of Oria. He has always dreamed of visiting this grand kingdom, having heard his father describe it in detail a hundred times when he was younger. But when Firion arrives in Oria, he is jarred by the details present that contradict with the image etched in his mind.

Something dark and sinister seems to be afoot in Oria, but Firion knows he is no hero. He is just a simple merchant, and what can an ordinary person do in the face of danger and deception?