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If you are a regular follower of the blog you may have noticed a sudden decrease in posts. I would like to say that all of that extra time has gone into writing, but I can honestly say that a good chunk of it has. I’ve been working hard at getting my first novel polished with one more big revision before trying to get it accepted.

I’m at a point now where I can feel confident about the timeframe for finishing those revisions and, if all goes well, this book could be coming out this fall.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough by itself, I also have a novella coming. April 28th is the tentative release date.

And there is a cover. Oh my, is the cover fantastic. OWS Ink, LLC. is impressing me at every step in this process, and I hope that all of our hard work will pay off. A cover reveal is coming soon. Very soon. There is a teaser image at the bottom of this post.

So apart from the occasional review, look for the next slew of posts to contain a cover reveal, preorder information (and why you should preorder!), and then release information. So keep on checking back! I will finally have a book in print, with just my name on it, after years of short stories, anthologies, and rejections. And I couldn’t be more excited to have you read it and share your thoughts.

So, coming soon: