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Title: Tales from Our Write Side: An Anthology

Authors: Various

Published by: OWS Inc, LLC. (November 25, 2016)

Blurb: From Lewis Carroll and Shakespeare to tales that will keep you up at night, make you cry, and touch your heart comes Tales from Our Write Side, OWS Ink’s debut anthology with 17 authors sharing 17 stories, 2 poems, and one creative screenplay.

My Take: Anthologies are among my favorite things to read these days, because they offer a reading experience that completely departs from what you’d get with a novel, or even a collection from a single author. In this particular anthology there are 17 unique voices sharing poetry, screenplays, and short stories that are categorized. Don’t like Horror or Speculative Fiction? You can clearly see which stories were thrown into that section, although I would recommend not skipping any of these. They are all short enough that, even if it isn’t a genre you particularly like, it will be brief enough to be worth your time. And you might just find that you enjoy at least a few of the tales in every category.

And that is the particular strength in this anthology: the stories are short, they are sorted by category, and they represent a diverse range of authors. It begins with some delightful tales revolving around the theme of Summer kidnapping Winter, and it is fun to see how seven different authors approach that theme.

While I enjoyed them all on different levels, my favorites include Solstinox by Lorah Jaiyn, The Next Best Seller by A.L. Mabry, Dawn’s Light by Wendy Strain, and Patterns by Katheryn J. Avila. Pick this collection up, as you are bound to find some stories you enjoy and might just discover some new authors who you wish to read more of in the future.

As a side note, several of the contributors to this anthology will have their own works published this spring by OWS Ink, LLC. More details on those books will appear here in the future, so if you want to get a feel for whose works you might enjoy, this anthology is a great starting point!