Welcome to the second preview for the 2017 Medieval Book Club. For February we’re going to read a pair of Medieval poems which, as you might guess, are retelling the stories found in the Book of Genesis from the Bible. I’m curious to see how true they stay to the source material, and to see where they allow their own culture to seep in and influence the poetic works. Read on for a short preview:

Title: Genesis A & B

Author: Unknown

Date of Composition: Unknown, typically dated around the early 9th Century

Link to read for FREE: https://anglosaxonpoetry.camden.rutgers.edu/genesis-ab/

Length: 2,936 lines

Summary: Genesis A begins before Biblical Genesis—not with the creation of the world but with the creation of Heaven and the angels and with Satan‘s war on Heaven. Then the poet describes the days of creation, culminating with the creation of Adam and a description of the Garden of Eden. After this, the poem scholars call Genesis B resumes the story of Adam in the Garden, while also going back to the war on Heaven Genesis A already discussed.

So there you have it. I’m excited to dive into some Anglo-Saxon poetry. Come back on the 19th of this month for our discussion of The Anglo-Saxon Age, and then on February 16th for our discussion of these poems!