Andrea Lundgren

For most authors, this may sound like a silly question. If they’re Christian, then of course they’re featuring the God of the Bible, the Father who sent His Son into the world. There is only one God they could possible feature in their writing…right?

Well, not exactly. I just read three different novels that I would consider to be “Christian”–insofar as they all had God of the Bible or His fantasy equivalent somewhere in there–yet all three handled God’s part in the story very differently.

  • God in the background. This is how God is presented in books like The Lord of the Rings or A Cast of Stones by Patrick Carr. He is there if you look for Him, showing grace to the heroes and favoring their cause, making miracles happen and sending people back from near-death (or should’ve-been-death, like in Gandalf’s case), but He makes no real, concrete appearance…

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