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John Blair’s Very Short Introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Age covers the emergence of the earliest English settlements to the Norman victory in 1066. This book is a brief introduction to the political, social, religious, and cultural history of Anglo-Saxon England and it is the most comprehensive and authoritative short guide to the Anglo-Saxon age available.

This is the first book to read for our 2017 Medieval Book Club, and I cannot wait to discuss this one with you! I was first interested in the price tag, being so cheap, and once it arrived I understood why: the text itself is covered in about 75 pages, and the book is small enough to fit in a pocket. I hope you join me in diving into this text and come back on January 19th to discuss this one with me! Here is the breakdown of chapters:

  1. The English Settlements
  2. The Seventh Century
  3. Christianity and the Monastic Culture
  4. The Mercian Supremacy
  5. The Viking Invasions and the Rise of the House of Wessex
  6. Aethelred and Cnut: The Decline of the English Monarchy
  7. The End of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom

There should be a lot of history covered in the span of these pages, and it isn’t too late to nab yourself a copy in time to join in on the discussion. I’m sure I will be reflecting back and saying this was a perfect entry point to this new Book Club!

Get your copy on Amazon.

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