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  • Book Name: November Fox – Book 1. Following Joy
  • Subtitle: A Metaphysical Visionary Fable
  • Genre: SciFi/Fantasy/New Adult/Metaphysical/Visionary Fiction
  • Audience: Broad age appeal. YA, New Adult & Adult
  • Word Count: 71204
  • Unique Bonus: 39 Augmented Reality Images
  • Author: E.E. Bertram – Visionary Fiction Author & Music and Media Producer
  • Subjects: Metaphysical/Consciousness/Perceptions of Reality/Philosophy/Adventure
  • Success: Ran a Successful Kickstarter campaign raising over £11000 to print the larger than A4 Limited First Edition Hardback
  • ISBN: 9780995381308
  • PRICE $9.99-$19.99 (USD)
  • EDITION: Ebook and Paperback
  • Author and Book Info Link: http://www.eebertram.com
  • Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv7_pceqsg0
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/estherbertram


  • Blurb:THE STORY: Little does she know, The Architect, from the race of philosophical beings who create our world of form, has been watching over her all her life.Architect’s fascinating letter in a glass bottle washed ashore on Brighton Beach. Pages continue to magically appear as she, too, is compelled to follow November’s quest.Combining elements inspired by the new thought movement, the law of attraction, magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder, November learns that she can use the power of dreaming, imagination and positive thinking to remake herself and her world. November Fox will be enjoyed by readers who liked wisdomfilled, visionary fiction fables like “The Alchemist,” the escapism ofAs an idiosyncratic fantasy/science fiction crossover, it is suitable for teens and adults alike.“Things aren’t always as they seem, do we wake or do we dream?”
  • It comes with 39 illustrations with an Augmented Reality technology feature, enabling readers to further expand their experience.
  • “Alice in Wonderland” or the Mind-bending nature of the movie “The Matrix.”
  • Realities eclipse as we embark on a metaphysical adventure through time and space. November learns that harnessing the power of her mind and heart is fundamental, if she wishes to unlock the cube and escape the sometimes sinister, sometimes wonderful dimensions into which she is propelled.
  • Grieving Erica, a teacher and writer from London, finds The November Fox has never even heard of other dimensions when a teleporting magical cube appears on her doorstep. With a hole in her heart and a cosmic identity yet to be discovered, the orphan rock star accepts an invitation to find the key within herself that will unlock the mysteries of form.
  • Think you’ve read it all? This revelatory chronicle will have you thinking otherwise. Into the swirling vortex, you will be drawn – whether you think this is your sort of book or not. You just might find yourself questioning your own perceptions of reality and be left craving more. + 39 Augmented Reality Illustrations.


Advance Praise/Reviews

The 1st edition of this book was successfully funded on Kickstarter at the end of 2014, raising over £11000 for the creation of the limited edition (larger than A4) print version. The 2nd edition is due for release, in Ebook format, November 1st 2016. Kickstarter

Link: http://bit.ly/NovemberFox



You will be irresistibly drawn into the extraordinary adventures of November Fox, orphaned rock star, as she finds the answers to life’s most confounding and compelling questions. November battles her personal demons through adventures that straddle identities and realities and finds her way through real and fantastical realms to a new awareness. Challenging situations, provocative theories and fantastic characters will tease you on. Expect the unexpected and to be confronted with other ways of thinking, seeing and being as the incredible becomes the credible and then back again, and time, place and characters take on new dimensions and realities. Effortlessly interwoven sub-plots subtly build behind the story, giving the tale depth and intrigue. The Augmented Reality illustrations give this book a unique visual and audio element, adding to the many ways November Fox and her cast of real and bizarre characters will challenge you. There’s no question you will be left craving more. – Lynne B.



Wow, thank-you for a wonderful story, it really moved me and I cried at least 3 times. I love the soundtrack album as well! – Simon




‘She paused for a moment as the mood in the room went quickly from a light-hearted cake break to being as deep and reflective as a moonlit lake at midnight.’ This excerpt from the book describes this idiosyncratic fantasy chronicle perfectly. It’s a journey through the fantastical and is not just escapist but reflects the real world though departing from it. On November’s adventure, the reader gets to re-examine their conceptions of time and space and leave behind ‘real world’ mundanity. In that departure, we are shown that reality has more fantastical elements than first realised. November Fox is a stream of consciousness narrative which renders a flow of myriad impressions… visual, auditory, physical, associative and subliminal. The writer incorporates snatches of incoherent thought and free association of ideas, images, and words to capture the total flow of their characters’ consciousness. A promising narrative with a truly innovative digital experience, one can look forward to the next in the series. – Di Ebert




From the first page it pulls you in with the phrase that decorates the back cover, “Things aren’t always as they seem, do we wake or do we dream?…” and the reader is introduced to the mysterious Architect who is to become an integral part and narrator of November Fox. As well as providing the reader with a curious plot and interesting characters, author E.E. Bertram has created this book to have an augmented reality: an additional component to the book accessed using an app that you download onto your phone or table. Scanning the pictures that accompany the chapter then activates this. Using this method the reader discovers a beautiful animated video paired with the chapter that is described as ‘taking a critical look at current events’ and follows a mysterious figure on a journey towards ‘inner peace”. November Fox is a refreshing, different book reminiscent of the curiosities of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. It is an interesting read and one that sticks in your head long after you’ve finished reading it. – Sussex Life Magazine



November Fox – Book 1. Following Joy

A Metaphysical Visionary Fable

By. E.E. Bertram




Things aren’t always as they seem, do we wake or do we dream? Are we dreaming life or living the dream?

The answer may be we do both.


A letter from me, to you. The dawn is near. How delightful. This being my first ever letter, I must apologise, as it may be on the long side as far as letters are concerned. My Father always said, if you are going to do something, do it properly, or not at all. They call me The Architect. I am much more accustomed to construction and landscaping, which is worlds away from writing language on a page. Although of late, I seem to be doing far more observing than designing.

Never could I have imagined I would become an observer and a letter-writer. Funny thing, life; how it sneaks up on you like that. Your World of Form fascinates me so—curious, busy people, always doing, doing, doing.

I must admit that I tend to be the same myself, although in a different way, as you will come to witness. Perhaps you and I shared some things in common? (It is, of course, no coincidence that you found my message.) I sense that you have spent some tick-tocks, or at least a few moments, wondering who you are? What is this life all about? How did we get here? Where are we going? I myself cannot give you any fixed answers to these questions, yet I can perhaps share with you another perspective on this wondrous ride we call life. My observations of one fascinating young lady—who you will soon know as November Fox—may also shed some light. In writing you this letter, I intend to show you a glimpse behind the curtain. This is a world not seen by anyone in your sphere, until now.

Before we get started, I must say I am rather joyous to meet you here, in this peculiar part of the universe. This invisible space; the distance of approximately 46cm or 18 inches that the black letters of these words travel to your eyes, which then absorb, filter, and process them. Yes, this is indeed a rather fascinating location, out of all the possible places to connect. This unique space is one where we can both float free in a dialogue of sorts, sharing this moment.

Although perhaps reading this, you may think I existed in the past, writing this letter?

Maybe you believe you are here, now, alone, scanning words I left behind for you to find? Is this the case? Let me say that the universe is far more mysterious than you have ever imagined. Are you open to the possibility that it may only be you travelling down linear tick-tock? I do hope so, because the truth is, I float here with you in this moment. Hello, (insert me shaking your hand and smiling,) I am delighted to make your acquaintance in this curious part of the cosmos.

My Father always called me a dreamer He was right about that. Dreamers are also important; I realise that now. As a young Architect, I spent any spare moment I could, stretched out across my magic flying carpet, Charlie, staring into the heavens and wondering how everything came into being. I shall tell you more about Charlie a little bit later. I still wonder why my Father displayed a notably more negative tone than his default persecutory edge when he called me a dreamer. Perhaps dreams and those bestowed with the job to explore them, are not so simple to understand; perhaps even frightening? I am rather sure, as one of the ones with my head in another dimension, that it is not always easy to be a dreamer. You will need to trust me on that, unless you are a dreamer yourself. Are you?

Oscar Wilde, the fine chap he is (or perhaps was, from your perspective), once said, A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. How true that is, and how punished I have been because of my dreaming. I say this with heartfelt sincerity; life can be a double-edged sword of tranquillity and loneliness, when living in the solitude of shadows. Yet I am not writing to dwell on such dark affairs. Today the precious dawn is soon to arrive, and I just cannot contain my excitement anymore. I can sense change in my bones; although, to be clear, I carry no skeletons as such. My TMD machine (I will also explain him later) is doing his utmost to translate, and “Bones” is the best the poor fellow could come up with. Anyway, the sun is near, my dear friend! So let this letterwriting business commence.

Have you ever had an exceptionally strong sense of something or a gigantic idea? One so immense that you are unsure your small body or mind can contain the complex monstrosity. You feel you may crack open when you allow it to push your edges too far. Well, the moment is here to let you in on my little secret.