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So I was contacted by poet and author Dane Cobain and, while I did not have the time to take on reading and reviewing one of his books, I was intrigued by his offer to write an exclusive poem based off five words I would provide. Being a bit of a fan of the Icelandic Sagas and Norse Mythology, I gave him this list of words: Saga, Shieldmaiden, Berserker, Valhalla, and Viking. So here is what he came up with, the poem that you won’t find anywhere else:








Come on,

you act like you’ve never

met Thor before,

like you’re a berserker

without a purpose,

pillaging parishes

and pushing priests

over the sides

of a longship.


When I die,

they’ll burn me

in the back of a Volkswagen


along with my


Valhalla was made

for men like me,



I once knew a Viking,

his meme was Stig

and he could drink more mead

than a Viking needs;

Stig died

when we were still

at university,

but I still miss him

when I go pillaging.


These days,

my shieldmaiden

is a little old lady,

an ageing Asian

who sharpens her tongue

on a whetstone.


And my saga

is set

to continue…


So there you have it. What did you think? Be sure to check out Dane’s work, which is listed below:

No Rest for the Wicked

(supernatural thriller)

When the Angels attack, there’s NO REST FOR THE WICKED.

Father Montgomery, an elderly priest with a secret past, begins to investigate after his parishioners come under attack, and with the help of Jones, a young businessman with an estranged child, Montgomery begins to track down the origin of the Angels.

When Jones himself is attacked, Father Montgomery knows he has to act fast. He speaks to the Angels and organises a final showdown where he’s asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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Eyes Like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home


Eyes Like Lighthouses is Dane Cobain’s first book of poetry, distilled from the sweat of a thousand memorised performances in this reality and others. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

“I’ve never seen anyone do a stream of consciousness piece as talented as that. Very impressed.” – Mark Allard-Will, author of Saskatch-A-Man and co-founder of Cuckoo’s Nest Press

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Former.ly: The Rise and Fall of a Social Network

(literary fiction)

When Dan Roberts starts his new job at Former.ly, he has no idea what he’s getting into. The site deals in death – its users share their innermost thoughts, which are stored privately until they die. Then, their posts are shared with the world, often with unexpected consequences.

But something strange is going on, and the site’s two erratic founders share a dark secret. A secret that people are willing to kill for.

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Social Paranoia: How Consumers and Brands Can Stay Safe in a Connected World


Social Paranoia: How Consumers and Brands Can Stay Safe in a Connected World is the true story of how sometimes the updates that you post come back to haunt you. Filled with real case studies and practical advice, it’s a guidebook for everyone who has an online presence from consumers to massive corporations.

Sometimes, people really are out to get you. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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