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There are times, as a writer, when nothing happens. You write stories, edit stories, reedit stories, submit stories, and get rejection after rejection. It can be a long and weary process to take things through traditional methods.

Last August I was lucky enough to have two things hit around the same time, a short story appearing in an issue of Mystic Signals and one appearing in the King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology. The fall of 2016 is going to prove to be even more exciting, with my writing appearing in three different anthologies that are going to be releasing!

  1. After Avalon by 18th Wall Productions is planning to be released on August 12th, which is nearly a week away! I’m very excited about this one, which has stories based around this premise: King Arthur is dead. Camelot has fallen. Britain drowns in Saxons. These are the stories of what come after. My own story, “The Saga of Freydis Beastsbane”, is going to be a part of the anthology. You’ll enjoy the tale of Freydis, a young woman in Medieval Iceland who dreams of being a shieldmaiden, who embarks upon a quest to kill a frightful creature that has haunted her family for generations: the Questing Beast.
  2. Monsters by Bushmead Publishing is planning to be released on October 25th. This one has the following premise: What is a monster?  Not all of them lurk under the bed. Some terrorize us conspicuously, in the light of day.  The tyrannical boss forcing unpaid overtime on a Friday night?  That debilitating anxiety holding you captive in your own room?  The haunting whisper of self-doubt?  Or perhaps it IS just a creature in the shadows, waiting to rend flesh from bone. This one has my long poem, “Taking Down Goliath”, which follows an unnamed female monster huntress as she wages war against two foes: one internal and one external.
  3. Pearls by Our Write Side is planning to be released sometime in October. This one is a collection of stories from the staff and contributors at Our Write Side and should have an excellent assortment of entertaining tales within those pages. My story in there is a thrilling Sci-Fi story that follows a young man, Ezekiel, who is flying a taxi shuttle to pay his way through the Lunar Academy. But on his first day he gets a passenger whose actions raise Ezekiel’s suspicions and leads to a memorable fare.

So there you have it, three anthologies coming out in the next few months that you’ll want to get your hands on because I have no doubt the other stories selected are excellent as well. I’m pretty excited to have those hit the market, and will keep you posted as each one gets released and perhaps even preview the covers, etc. as the time gets closer.