Many thanks to Allison for featuring a sneak peek at one of my most recent published short stories, “Words Like Rain”.

Allison D. Reid

I think it’s about time to shake up my Sneak Peek Friday posts a little.  In addition to sharing excerpts from my own writing from time to time, I’ll also be featuring other authors.  Maybe among them you’ll find a new favorite.

Words Like Rain

This week I’d like to welcome author David Wiley. Enjoy this exclusive sample from his short story, “Words like Rain,” which was featured in Our Write Side’s literary journal, OWS Ink.  You can subscribe to receive the Spring issue, which includes the entire story along with other great stories, poems, and articles.

The words poured from his mouth like rain. The old man stood in front of the heavy oak doors, arms spread wide to bar their entrance. His deep blue robes marked him as a cleric of the cobalt quill, but they were scorched and covered in soot and ash. Just about everything in this forsaken…

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