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If you happen to be looking, you might just see to the right side of the page that there is a new little snippet and a link to subscribe to a newsletter.

That’s right, I will be putting out a newsletter each month, starting hopefully in March.

What sort of great and wonderful things will you find there? Exclusives that non-subscribers will miss out upon, which could be samples of what I’m working on, notifications of when publications that have my stories go on sale, writing tips, and who knows what else may come your way.

Honestly, I don’t know what they will look like yet, but I promise they will be worth signing up for because they will have something that no one else will get to see. And, as a further sweetener to the deal, when you sign up you will get an email back within a week that will contain a short excerpt from my short story, “The Saga of Artur Uthersson”, which was featured in the King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology.

And, as an even better bonus, there will be a code that you can use to save 20% off your purchase of a paperback copy of King of Ages.

So click here and sign up for the newsletter. I promise to only send out one newsletter a month unless there happens to be breaking news, such as a signed book contract. Which, when that day comes, will be the sort of news worth breaking immediately.