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When I decided to start things back up on the blog I was unclear about the direction I wanted to go with this blog. Up until now it has been predominantly book reviews, and will continue to have a good share of reviews for the books I read and recommend. A previous version of this blog, a few years ago, existed primarily to post things as I wrote them and share them with the world. During that time I was a part of a Fab Four of emerging authors, and I have remained connected with one of them.

It started about a week ago when she asked if I would be interested in writing a guest post to appear on their writer’s website, Our Write Side. I readily agreed and am still planning to fulfill that initial promise.

But this morning it evolved.

I have now accepted a spot as a contributor on Our Write Side. What does this entail? Writing and sharing at least one post a month about an aspect of writing. Which is going to be cool. Look for the contributions to begin in March.

And, perhaps, a new story to be included in a Literary Journal coming in April…

You can already visit Our Write Side to read my short story, “Midnight Flight“, and check out some of the other excellent content there!