Three days. That is how long we have until my next short story to be published goes live on Sci Phi Journal. And, as this has a slightly different form of access than the usual free-to-read short stories I thought I would dedicate a short how-to guide in advance for my community of awesome readers. So we’ll kick it off with that, and then shift to an update on what I have accomplished so far in 2016 for writing projects.

***Update: The story can be found now at this link, but you still need to pledge on Patreon to gain full access.

My story will be listed under the Subscription Stories, which means you have to have a paid subscription to Sci Phi Journal in order to access the complete story. How you gain this access is simple:

  1. Click this link to visit the Sci Phi Journal patreon page.
  2. Select your participation level. There are three options, which in order are:
    1. No reward, you just want to support Sci Phi Journal. Selecting this option will give you access for the month but not on a recurring subscription cycle. Consider it like a one-time charitable donation that lets you read all sorts of great fiction. You can select your own amount in there, so keep in mind that your amount will help to pay the authors who wrote these stories.
    2. Become a regular subscriber at $4.00 an issue. This will get you access to the paid content at $4.00 per month. You are free to join, look around and read what you like, and then unsubscribe before having to pay for additional months.
    3. Become a regular subscriber at $8.00 an issue. Same as above, just going at double the rate to support the publication and help pay the authors a better cut.
  3. Log in to your Patreon account or create a new one.
  4. Make a pledge by entering your payment information.
  5. Success! You are now a Patreon of Sci Phi Journal and have access to some awesome writing, including my own short story, “The First Martian Church of God”.


And now for the fun part, an update of what I have written and submitted so far in 2016:

Current Project: Writing an untitled 3rd Monster Huntress short story that takes place after the events in “Ogre Hunt” and “Doppelganger Danger”. Ava is going full-out on her quest to regain her lost sword, Seraphina, in this story. Will she be successful, or will she still be looking to reclaim the weapon when the story comes to its eventual end? You’ll have to wait and read it to find out! Current word count: 6,827 words

Previous 2016 Project: Wrote a dark Sci-Fi story titled “The Nano-Knights of Mars” about a team of specialists sent to Mars to investigate the source of mysterious disappearances, but it starts picking off the team one-by-one and they must find – and destroy it – before it kills them all. Finished word count: 5,215 words.

2016 Total New Words Written: 12,042 (227.21 words per day average)

Out for submission: Monster Huntress (YA/MG Fantasy Novel, 68,107 words) Sent Full to Crimson Edge on 2/18/16, Queried to Caitlin McDonald on 2/11/16, Queries to Moe Ferrara on 1/21/16, Query to Arielle Datz on 11/18/15

“The Annual Campaign” poem sent to Our Write Side on 2/12/16

“Taking Down Goliath” epic poem sent to Pulp Literature on 2/5/16

“A Merchant in Oria” short story (9,814 words) sent to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show on 2/5/16

“Lost in a Familiar Place”, a flash fiction story, was sent to Escape Pod on 2/2/16

“The Potion that Pulled Phobos” short story ( words) sent to Writers of the Future contest on 12/30/15