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Atlantis in Peril CoverWelcome back for another review, this time of the second book in the Atlantis series.

Title: Atlantis in Peril

Author: T.A. Barron

Publisher: Philomel Books

Blurb: The second in the Atlantis trilogy by New York Times bestselling author T. A. Barron

In Atlantis Rising, Promi and Atlanta saved their homeland by transforming it into the magical island of Atlantis. They had hoped that would keep it out of the clutches of the evil spirit warlord Narkazan. But Narkazan has returned, more determined than ever to conquer the spirit realm and Atlantis as well. Will the destiny of the mystical isle lie in the boat of Greek sailors who wash up on shore? The powers of the ethereal oceanglass? Or will the growing bond between Promi and Atlanta cause the strongest magic?

With his trademark action, adventure and suspense, master of fantasy T.A. Barron explores the magical world of Atlantis and how its inhabitants’ actions sow the seeds of its destruction.

Praise for Atlantis in Peril:

“Barron’s trademark fast-paced action with a twist of humor will pull readers along.”–School Library Journal

Praise for T. A. Barron’s novels:

“Brilliant, significant, and illuminating . . . an intense and profoundly spiritual adventure.”—Lloyd Alexander

“A crescendo of miracles.”—Madeleine L’Engle

“Interesting and august . . . compelling.”—The New York Times

“In the best tradition . . . classic.”—Parents Magazine

My Take on the Book: My first comment, and perhaps among the best praise I can offer, is that I believe J.R.R. Tolkien would have whole-heartedly agreed with many of the main ideas being raised regarding nature versus industry/technology.

That being said, this was a good sequel to the first book. It certainly moved the plot forward in the trilogy and paved the way for the events of the upcoming third book. We get to spend some time with the two main characters from the first book, Promi and Atlanta, and gain access to two other important viewpoints in chapters throughout the book. There is still action and mystery and some excitement woven into the pages. It serves its purpose well for what it is: the second book in a trilogy. Yet that is also where its biggest stumbling block comes into play.

The action, excitement, and tension are all building throughout the book. And the ending does resolve one of the main problems that come up in the book. Yet there is a feeling of much to be desired with how quickly it ends, with so many things unresolved until the third book. This book is over a hundred pages shorter than the first one which is another reason to feel a little cheated by how many big things are waiting for the next installment. I completely understand the desire to have an impressive conclusion to the trilogy, and I don’t doubt that Barron will deliver, but I want that third book in my hands now so I can see how it all wraps up! Waiting is the worst part of a situation such as this – the first book delivered some closure in its final pages with hints of promise toward future adventures to come. This book hints at resolution but I could not see it standing on its own as a solo book should a reader just pick it up and begin with this one.

All things said, this is a good second book. If I had read it at a time when the third was also available perhaps the ending would have been a great thing because it would have sent me straight to the book store to pick it up and see how it all ends. This book is certainly worth reading, as is the series, and I would still give an honest, heartfelt recommendation to anyone to pick it up and read it because it was a good book in a good series, which is why there is any reason to be disappointed that there wasn’t more in the second book.

Final Verdict: Go read both of these books! These are excellent novels in the YA Fantasy genre and certainly worth reading through at least once!