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We are a handful of days into August yet a lot has happened this month. At least as far as published writings are concerned. So for those who are interested in keeping up, here are what has been published so far (and where you can read/buy them) and what is still to come out this month.

King of Ages: A King Arthur Anthology by Uffda Press was released on 8/1/2015. This collection of 13 short stories includes one of my own, “The Saga of Artur Uthersson” among them all. My story imagines King Arthur during the settlement age of Iceland and he encounters dark magic, prophecy, and some familiar friends and foes. It is available in both Kindle and in Paperback.

Kindle Version.    Paperback Version on Amazon.     Paperback on Createspace.

Mystic Signals: Volume 26 was released on 8/5/2015. This magazine contains a short story, “Doppelganger Danger”, that I wrote as a sequel to “Ogre Hunt”. She picks up the trail of a Doppelganger, a dangerous monster that can shed its identity with ease, and she is forced to team up with an old friend in order to finally track it down. This story is one of two print-only stories contained in the pages (all the other stories can be read for free online)

Buy it on Amazon.      Buy it on Createspace.

“Ogre Hunt” is a short story about Ava, a monster hunter, who pursues an ogre into a cave for its bounty. What she encounters along this hunt causes more danger and excitement than she had expected. This is the story that started it all for stories of Ava and monster hunters and shouldn’t be missed. This story is being released in five parts with a new part released every Tuesday on Eat Sleep Write. The first two parts are already out and can be read by following the links below.

Read Part One       Read Part Two

“Fear of the Unwritten” is a sonnet I wrote a while ago about the fear of having all my stories unwritten and untold. As a writer I have far more story ideas than I could every possible write. At the time of its composition, I was still struggling to not only write stories but also to find places to publish what I had already written. The poem will be released on 8/7 on Eat Sleep Write.

Finally, “The Best Birthday” is a short story about a young girl who gets the best birthday present ever. It is a short and fun tale that I hope you’ll enjoy. This goes live on Eat Sleep Write on 8/21.

So this is the update of August happenings. It has been a busy and eventful month so far and I hope to continue to be able to break news of upcoming publications all month long.