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“This is the room of the Wolfmother wallpaper,” Lycos said as they moved into a hidden chamber in the basement. Torches burned all around, casting light onto wallpaper that showed scenes of a massive auburn werewolf decapitating  and devouring humans. In the center of the room was a bronze statue of the werewolf towering above dozens of humans who were cowering in obeisance.

“Eight hundred years ago she had a vision,” Lycos continued as he moved toward the center of the room. “She fought for a world where werewolves were not the outcasts in society. Nor were they to be equals. She believed the werewolves were meant to be the dominant species on earth.”

The younger members of the pack howled with enthusiasm, and a few of the middle-ages ones joined in. Others were still hesitant to show support. Lycos could understand their reluctance; the pack leaders all expressed the need to live in harmony with humans. But even after decades of struggles and suppression they had hardly gained ground in the quest for equality. That is why there were many, like Lycos, who were tired of living as inferiors in society. They believed it was time to rise up and take their rightful place as the dominant species.

Making a mental note of those who hesitated, Lycos continued his speech. “Brethren, in a few days the moon will be full. A human leader will be holding a celebration here in the city. That will be the perfect time to send a message to the humans. We will crash their party and destroy them all!”

The younger pack members showed their excitement, baring their teeth as they vocalized their approval. Lycos noted that three of those who were hesitant earlier were still holding back. That made them liabilities that needed to be dealt with. Tonight.

Two members of his pack, Anton and Salvador, must have been thinking the same thing. They moved toward the doorway, blocking off the only escape route. Between their sheer size and the lethal weapons they carried in their hands, no one would dare try to force their way past those two. It was time to eliminate the threats and test the willingness of the new recruits. He needed to know that they would obey orders without questioning them. Lycos jumped onto the base of the statue and turned toward the crowd, spreading his hands wide.

“Step forward Jenson, Malakai, and Christiana,” Lycos called out, trying to disarm their unease with a reassuring smile. They stepped in front of the rest of the pack, glancing at each other. Whatever they might have expected, Lycos doubted it would be this. Werewolves disappeared all the time. No one would stop to question their absence. “Those who are not fully committed to our cause are against us, and should be treated as a threat. These three are not fully committed to the uprising.” The pack edged forward, closing in around the three werewolves. “Prove yourselves committed. Kill them.”

The shrill cries of pain rang through the air as the pack descended upon Jenson, Malakai, and Christiana. Lycos watched the carnage unfold before him, pleased at his new batch of recruits. He had finally completed his army of faithful werewolves and the pack leaders didn’t suspect a thing. Soon that would change. They would be eliminated, too.


This post is an entry into the second Master Class prompt. You can check out last week’s entry, Infinite Loop, by following the link. This week we were challenged to use the line “This is the room of the wolfmother wallpaper” from Tom Robbin’s Skinny Legs and All as the beginning of our post. I have a feeling that I’ll be continuing this story in some future posts. It was a lot of fun to write, and it has the potential to develop into something epic. Come check the Master Class and join in on the fun this week.